The Deadly Kidney Disease – CONSOLE non-stop Dialysis Scheme
Kidney Disease is a silent killer, which attacks one out of ten, according to World Health Organization. When the disease is in a chronic stage, the patient becomes weak and reaches a critical condition. In this stage, even kidney transplantation will not deliver the desired result and dialysis will be only hope. This expensive treatment is not affordable to the financially poor patients who have been struggling even for their livelihood.
All of us witness such thousands of sympathetic patients around. Now, CONSOLE is here to console with its helping hand without any discrimination – colour, creed, religion, etc.

CONSOLE Online Blood Donors’ Forum
Blood, mostly required as well as scarce, is a life saving substance. It`s availability depends upon the mercy of kind-hearted people. A single unit blood is separated into three parts such as plasma, platelets and packed red cells and each part is made useful to different patients. Hence the blood donated by one person saves the life of three patients. CONSOLE with its devoted volunteers is at your service, round the clock.

CONSOLE Financial Aid to the Poor Patients
As everyone knows, we come across suffering patients without financial capability to undergo proper treatment in our day today life. Indeed, such patients need help. CONSOLE with the funds raised from philanthropists helps the patients to lead a normal life.

CONSOLE Medical Guidance & Information Help Desk
Patients even with sound financial background reach miserable and desperate conditions due to ignorance of proper treatments. Now, CONSOLE has set up a Help Desk to provide information regarding medical related queries such as services of eminent doctors, free and discounted treatments offered by various hospitals and organisations, etc. Let us march together towards our destination , hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder.

Dr. Jayant.T.Mathew.      MD(Med)DMA(Neph)
Dr. V.K.Abdul Azeez.      MS(Gen.Surgery)
Dr. R.M.Varma.      MS(Surgeon)
Dr. Harikrishnan.      MS,MCH(Uro),DNB(Uro)
Dr. P.T.Iqbal.      MD,DM(Cardio),DNB(Neuro)
Dr. Muhammed Ashraf.       MS,DNB,MNA,MS(Ortho)
Dr. P.K.Razak.      MD,BSC,DVD,DHA,DDC
Dr. A.G.Jhon       MD,DM,DNA
Dr. V.Ramachandran.      MD(General Med)
Dr. Mohankumar.E.      MD,DCP
Dr. Soujadh Mohammed.      MD(D-Diab)DM(Cardio)
Dr. K.M.Premkumar.      MBBS,D-Ortho
Dr. Navas Usman.       MD(Physician)DHA