Donor Eligibility Guidelines

In order to protect both yourself and potential blood recipients, we must be sure about some sensitive questions. If for any reason at all you feel that you are not prepared to be asked detailed questions about your private and personal life, you may say no now and remove your self from donation process.

Ask the below questions yourself before donating blood.

All Donors

Are you:
  • Feeling healthy when donation blood?
  • Currently taking an antibiotic or medication for an infection?
  • Had alcohol within the last 12 hours?
  • Ever been deferred or refused as a blood donor?
  • Ever donated or attempted to donate blood using a diffrent or another name or ID number?
  • In the past 36 hours have you taken aspirin or anything that has aspirin in it?

In the past 72 hours

  • Have you had any dental work(cleaning, filling or root canal)?

In the past 8 weeks

  • Have you donated blood platelets or plasma?
  • Have you had any vaccinations or other shots?

In the past 12 months

Have you:
  • had a blood transfusion?
  • had a transplant such as organ, tissue or bone marrow graft?
  • been under a doctor care or had a major illness or surgery?
  • had a body piercing or tattoo?

General Health Questions

Have you ever:
  • used needles to take drugs or medication NOT prescribed by your doctor?
  • used clotting factor concentrates?
  • had hepatitis, malaria or Chaga's disease?
  • had or been treated for syphilis or gonorrhea?
  • had any problems with your heart or lungs?
  • had any type of cancer, including leukemia?
  • had a bleeding condition or a blood disease?
  • have any of your relatives had Creutzfeldt-Jacob(madcow) disease?
  • had derived growth hormone?
  • had any of the following disease(diabetes, stomach ulcer, skin disease, epilepsy, gout, brain stroke, T.B or vitiligo)?

Additional Questions

  • Are you giving blood for the purpose of being tested for HIV or AIDS virus?
  • Do you understand that if you have the AIDS virus, it can be transmitted to someone else even though you may feel and have a negative AIDS test?
  • Do you understand all the confirmed tests for HIV are reported to Dubai Health Authority ?

Private Questions

Have you:
  • Had a positive test for the HIV/AIDS virus?
  • Male: had sexual contact with another male?
  • Female: had sexual contact with male who had sexual contact with another male?
  • had sexual contact with anyone who was born/lived in Africa?

Had sexual contact with anyone who has:

  • HIV/AIDS or had a positive test for these virus?
  • hemophilia or used clotting factor concentrates?
  • lived with person who has hepatitis?
  • ever used needles to take drugs, steroids or any medication not prescribed by doctor?
  • ever given money or drugs for sex.

Female Donors

  • In the past 6 months have you been pregnant or are you pregnant now ?

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