Dear Blood Donors

There will be someone in need of blood in any part of world. Blood Donation makes a big difference to a person's life. It is free to give and giving is always a pleasure. We are always facing a shortage of blood. People have to run from pillar to post for a unit of blood in their own Emirate or another Emirate where they go for treatment of their loved one. There are times when a patient dies for want of blood.

Please register as a donor at this site and save the life of someone else's loved one. You can also search for the blood group you are in need of. Refer this site to your friends if they are in search of blood. Requests can also be posted if you are not able to find the blood group you are searching for.

Pass the message. And let's build a community that cares ! Blood donation helps save lives !! Why hestiate to register and refer it to a friend as well to save a life and believe me you will feel good about yourself.