CONSOLE MEDICAL CHARITABLE TRUST is a registered charitable and non-profit organization founded by a group of professionals and prominent businessmen in Chavakkad to serve the critical health care needs of chronically ill less fortunate members of our society and bring happiness to their lives.

The process is initiated in the area of Dialysis, which is necessary for survival of patients with depleted or lost kidney function. Dialysis is a low priority for cash-strapped public/ Government hospitals and in the absence of health insurance plans, vast majority of patients starting renal Dialysis die or stop treatment because of cost constraints within the first three months.

India has an estimated 1,125,740 patients for Kidney Dialysis and less than 10% of all patients receive any kind of renal replacement therapy.

When every hospital is busy and obsessed to rake in profits; only the brave venture upon the less beaten path, CONSOLE MEDICAL CHARITABLE TRUST is such a pioneering medical charitable trust. Here in CONSOLE, medical expertise, quality diagnostic services and excellent nursing care forms the crux of world class healthcare. Speedy recovery, complete well being of a patient and increasing the quality of life is the overriding ethos. Resources are channelled into making international standards of healthcare reachable to the common man. Devotion, dedication, compassion and professional service, quality medicines, and periodical assessments of procedures and training processes of staff, all contribute a cutting edge step towards the attainment of excellence in CONSOLE.